My Opinion As A Season Ticket Holder

The live NBA environment is electric. Cheering and sharing all the ups and downs as they unfold. The joyful camaraderie that comes with victory, and the comfort of having others in the crowd who understand your pain in defeat. That level of energy, joy, and excitement just cannot be matched by watching the same game on TV.

It was 2014 and I had recently moved back to Los Angeles. There was a re-energized and potent NBA team that was the new gun in town – the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers were young, fast and legit! I had been buying single game one-off tickets for the last couple years and I had decent experiences, but I always hated contributing to the secondary ticket market, i.e. having to pay a hefty premium which ends up going to some middleman making a profit.

Like a lucky lottery pick, I happened to befriend a co-worker in my office who was a die-hard Clipper fan and long-time season ticket holder. Over time, as our friendship evolved, he would invite me to go to occasional Clipper games with him. While at one of the games during the 2014-2015 NBA Season, he approached me with a proposition to split his upcoming 2015-2016 Clipper season tickets.

Some background for context; I am an LA native. I live and breathe the Lakers, Raiders and Dodgers. I had a strong hunch that this could be my beloved Kobe’s swan song with the Lakers (it was), and figured that I would be able to see Kobe twice if I had Clipper season tickets…

I told my friend that I would split the season tickets with him, with the caveat that I would get every Laker game. My friend understood and he countered with asking for all the Grizzly games. We agreed to the deal, and wow, I was now a season ticket holder!!

I couldn’t have been more excited for the NBA season and looked forward to watching the Clippers all year long. We were on a payment plan, which helped alleviate the upfront costs. My friend and I had a ticket draft and then managed our tickets using a spreadsheet and calendar. It felt archaic, but yet it was also fun. We were ok with the process but felt the sharing of season tickets needed a better system.

Toward the middle of the season, I began to become a little annoyed by the spreadsheet, calendar and having to manage so many games. Even while splitting the season two ways, that’s 21 games each, it was a bit hard to find time to attend every game. We both ended up missing a couple games because of our busy schedules. We also ended up swapping a couple tickets throughout the season due to traveling and other schedule conflicts. I had talked to a couple other friends who had season tickets in the past. Both of them had similar experiences to mine. Albeit somewhat fun, it confirmed that splitting season tickets was a relatively cumbersome, time-consuming process, on top of the inevitable likelihood that more likely than not, I wouldn’t be able to attend every game.

The NBA season came to an end and a long time friend of mine had just moved to Los Angeles. We were at our favorite sports bar where we had gotten together to watch Kobe’s last game. We were chatting about ticket pricing, season tickets, my current NBA experience and other random sports banter when the idea hit us – why is there not an app for this? How could we alleviate the task of organizing a group of people to split season tickets? Can we improve the burdensome and time-consuming nature of managing season tickets while also making it more fun and enjoyable for the fan? Finally, after months of brainstorming a remedy, we were able to answer those questions with a resounding YES!!, Thus Season Share was born.

Season Share helps you split season tickets with ease. Choose your sport. Choose your seats. Choose your games. Season Share does the rest.

New Fans. New Revenue.

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