Oregon Ducks 2019 Home Schedule

As August gets closer, it is time to start preparing for the 2019 football season! For those of you getting ready to draft your games on Season Share, it is important to have an understanding of each game you choose in your draft. This list breaks down each of the Duck’s 2019 home games to help you plan your draft and get to the games you want to attend!

Week 2 vs Nevada

The Nevada Wolfpack comes to Eugene for a week 3 matchup against the Ducks. The Nevada defense has been known for coming up a bit short every season. However, the Wolfpack built some momentum on offense late in the 2018 season and ended the year averaging almost 400 yards a game. That being said, this should be an easy win for Duck’s team set to have one of the top offenses in the country.

Week 3 vs Montana

Not to be rude here, but this game shouldn’t be much more than a final dress rehearsal for the Ducks before heading into conference play in week 5 vs Stanford. After a less than stellar season in 2018, the Griz will look to disrupt Oregon’s playoff hopes early in the year. Although you should never count out a team in the game of football, I see this as an easy win for the Ducks.

Week 5 vs Cal

The Ducks will take on the Cal Golden Bears in week 6 of the 2019 season. This game is shaping up to be a win for the ducks who will most likely be nationally ranked by this time in the season. After bludgeoning Cal last year (42-24) the Ducks will be confident in this matchup against their Pac-12 opponents. Cal has made a name for itself in recent years due to the effective nature of their “Air-Raid” offense. However, much of that success was due to the top level play of now NFL star Jared Goff. Since his departure, the Bears have seen a decrease in overall efficiency on offense and will need to play flawless football to stay in this game.

Week 6 vs Colorado

The Colorado Buffalos started the 2018 season 5-0 and looked like they would be a tough team to beat in the Pac-12 conference. However, they followed the first 5 games with 7 straight losses and ended up parting ways with their head coach. The Buffalos are going to try and reshape the team image to be one of tough defense but under a new head coach and with a group of players that could not find their rhythm last season, it isn’t hard to say that the Buffalos will have a tough game in week 7.

Week 8 vs Washington State

After finishing the year at 13th in the NCAA national rankings, the Washington State Cougars will be coming into the 2019 season as confident as they have been in recent years. With an offense predicated on quick passes, the Cougars have proven to be a tough team to beat. They show up ready to play and ready to put points on the board against any team they play.

Week 10 vs Arizona

After going 5-7 in 2018, the Arizona Wildcats are looking to stabilize and find some consistency in this coming season. The Wildcats hired former NFL star Demarco Murray to coach the Running Backs, and form NFL lineman Kyle DeVan to coach O-line. The lack of depth in the offensive line has been a major issue for Arizona and that will be a point of focus for them coming into 2019. The Arizona defense ended the year ranked 92nd, and will need to see a better level of play across the board to be successful this year. Coming into Eugene to play the Ducks isn’t exactly a best case scenario for this team, and I expect the Ducks to come out of week 10 with a win.

Week 12 vs Oregon State

The Civil War game takes place in the final week of the regular season! For those of you drafting your Oregon Ducks games on Season Share, look for this to be the first pick of the draft. After a 2-10 season in 2018 and a 1-11 season in 2017, the Beavers will be looking to rebuild and find any sort of momentum. With the Ducks looking like a potential playoff candidate, it is hard to say this game will go well for Oregon State.

Honorable Mention:

Week 1 vs Auburn (In Arlington, Texas)

Although this is not a home game, this week 1 matchup in Arlington Texas is sure to come with some fireworks! The last time the Ducks and Tigers squared off was in the 2011 BCS National Championship game. The game ended in a 22-19 loss for the Ducks, and although it has been quite a few years, I expect the Ducks to bring an extra level of energy in this game. The Ducks are in a position to field one of the best offenses in the NCAA this year and will need to come out of the gates hot to match the play of the highly rated Auburn Defense. Needless to say, week 1 is going to be a huge matchup!