Oregon Ducks College Football Gameday Guide – Pro Tips for Your Oregon Ducks Football Gameday

Another year, another season of Oregon Ducks College Football to enjoy. By now you should have already purchased your season tickets or custom season ticket packages available via Season Share. Smart move! Now, let’s get you ready for your Oregon Ducks college football gameday with our Oregon Ducks college football gameday guide featuring pro tips for your Season Share Tailgate Team below.

Timing to Consider
When planning an epic Oregon Ducks Gameday, please keep these key times in mind to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the college football gameday action at Autzen Stadium.

• Moshofsky Center & Oregon ticket office opens 3-hours before kickoff
• March to Victory is 2.5 hrs before kickoff
• Autzen Seating opens 1.5 hrs before kickoff
• Autzen parking lots open at 11am for 5pm games or earlier if games are in the morning

Song & Dance = True Duck Romance

Real fans must know their teams fight songs! You also don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to join the 60,000 Duck fans at Autzen Stadium in song! The Oregon Marching Band plays “Mighty Oregon” when the Ducks take the field and after every scoring play, so get familiar. Also, one last fan favorite is “Shout”. The Ducks and Nike took it as far as making their own music video for the song. We love it.

Pregame Pro Tips

Arrive early. Enjoy the crowds at Autzen Stadium and surrounding areas. If at all possible, don’t plan on parking at the stadium. Instead, park near Alton Baker Park and enjoy the walk to Autzen Stadium through Alton Baker Park. The one-mile journey starts at corner of East 13th Avenue and Agate Street. It is a beautiful and fun way to enter Autzen stadium. If you’re early, go hit the tailgate and mingle with your fellow duck fans.

Gear Up Correctly!

Every game the University of Oregon will let its fans know what color scheme to wear on game day, sometimes Yellow, Green or even Black. The best way to find this out is by following the Ducks Gameday twitter account. Another great resource is goducks.com where you can also find stadium do’s and dont’s.

Our Favorite Tailgating Spots

• Hit up the Moshofsky Center
• Pre-game at all of the respectable establishments on 13th Avenue (21+)
• People of all ages, make yourself at home and mingle with fellow tailgaters just outside of Autzen. It’s one of the nations best!

Post Game

Brace for the Return Walk

Many Duck fans park closer to campus and walk across the river to Autzen Stadium and an equally high number of fans leave the stadium in an identical manner. Prepare for a massive amount of people crossing the footbridge at the same time. It is extremely slow moving, claustrophobic and herd-like. There’s no way to avoid this, so get prepared and enjoy it.

Shut Down 13th Street After a Victory (or even a loss)

13th street will be your one-stop shop for beer and college football. Just make sure you have your ID and a plan to get home safe. Autzen Stadium shuttles can be a solid designated driver, and there are other public transportation options as well so please be safe and take advantage of these public transit opportunities.