Reasons To Split Season Tickets

There are many reasons to buy Season Tickets for your favorite sports teams. If you are a true fan, it may even seem like a no brainer. Along with all of the season ticket holder benefits, you also get to feel closer to your team and support them on a deeper level than your average fan. Being a season ticket holder can also come with a few unique challenges. These challenges are why we built Season Share!

Challenge 1: Making it to all the games

No matter the sport, few people are able to make it to every game during the season. The cost and time of travel can add up, and who knows when that Mother in Law of yours is going to schedule a visit. No matter what comes up in life, being part of a Season Ticket group can help you get the most out of your purchase! Instead of dealing with the headache of listing your tickets online or trying to peddle them to friends, you will be able to easily trade games with your fellow group members. On top of that, when your group gets season tickets on Season Share you get to pick which games you will attend. Using our first of it’s kind “Game Draft” you will not only have the opportunity to pick the best games but also plan ahead and avoid the need to get rid of your tickets entirely!

Challenge 2: Cost

With most full Season Ticket prices well above $1,000, buying one might not fit into your budget. Not to mention buying just one ticket means you will be going to games alone, which no one wants to do. Season Share allows you to get multiple seats, for multiple games, with season ticket holder benefits and the best pricing anywhere!

Challenge 3: Supporting Your Team

Everyone thinks about what they will receive when they purchase a season ticket. Not everyone understands what they are giving to their team. Along with being in the crowd to cheer on your team, your season ticket purchase directly supports your team. Unlike other ticket vendors that move second-hand inventory, Season Share partners directly with teams to help fans like you. This means the hard-earned money you are paying for your season tickets goes directly to supporting your team, and your community. This is one of the founding principles of Season Share, a company built by sports fans, for sports fans.

New Fans. New Revenue.

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