Worst Things Teams Have Done For Season Ticket Holders

Typically, teams reward and value their season ticket holders like a holy grail. However, with the good, comes the bad. Unfortunately, we have found some extremely disheartening examples of teams ruining the fan experience and taxing season ticket holders. See for yourself with some of the worst things teams have done to their season ticket holders.

Personal Seat Licenses

PSLs are a great way for teams and owners to make quick money back after building billion dollar stadiums. They are also a great way to screw over your fans. Personal seat licenses give fans the right to buy season tickets…on top of having to pay for the tickets themselves. Read more about PSL & SBL in our FAQ section before you make your decision.

Teams Suing Fans

We’re serious. This isn’t a joke. There have been several instances of teams suing and screwing over fans in the past. More recently, the Marlins have sued at least nine season ticketholders and luxury suite owners since 2013. You can read the full story about the marlins here.

Season Ticket Holder Surcharge for Losing

A couple months ago, after a loss to Barcelona, the Arsenal football club decided to charge ONLY season ticket holders with an additional surcharge. Why the surcharge? Because they lost to Barcelona…

Let’s get this straight. So the team that I love and am a season ticket holder for…lost a massive match and now is charging me for it. Sounds fair. Read more about it here.

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