seasonshare and the Colorado Rockies Partner Together to Deliver Ballpark and Neighborhood Pass Programs for Rockies Fans

We have partnered with the Colorado Rockies and are excited to share more details on the Ballpark Pass and Neighborhood Pass programs that we’ve created in collaboration with the Rockies team.

Ballpark Pass

By signing up for the Ballpark Pass, fans gain access to every home game played at Coors Field for one monthly price. Fans choose which games they would like to attend and can customize their gameday experience with seat upgrades and guest tickets available to Ballpark Pass subscribers. 

The Ballpark Pass is priced at $39.99/month and gives fans the ability to attend marquee matchups each month. Some of the best matchups in June include weekend series against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals and a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers at home, all of which will be included with the Ballpark Pass.

Fans that choose to purchase a Ballpark Pass are given the ultimate flexibility when customizing their experience at Coors Field. After fans confirm their attendance, they are prompted with the option to add guest tickets and upgrade their seats for each individual game. The Ballpark Pass also utilizes our Sit-With-A-Friend feature, enabling multiple Ballpark Pass holders to join “Ticket Groups” and sit next to members of their Group once they arrive at the game. All of these functionalities of the Ballpark Pass are able to be easily accessed directly from the MLB Ballpark App, highlighting our commitment to providing fans with a seamless way to attend multiple games at Coors Field this summer.

Neighborhood Pass

We have also introduced the Neighborhood Pass - an exclusive offer for residents living in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver. By utilizing our technology to capture the attention of local fans, the Rockies can extend limited-time offers to Neighborhood Pass holders.

We’re happy to work with the Rockies team and to continue delivering programs like the Ballpark Pass and Neighborhood Pass that give Rockies fans the opportunity to watch more games at Coors Field.

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